Malay Sun Bear

Khao SokThe Malay sun bear, also known as the honey bear, is the world’s smallest bear, but pound my pound, may be the most powerful.

They have a handsome white crescent across the chest of their short fur black coat, exceptionally long tongues for reaching bee larvae, honey and termites, and very long claws for digging and tearing.

The sun bear is a good climber and can tear up a hardwood tree chamber with such devastating force, it looks as though a charge of dynamite has been detonated.

Neither the Sun bear, nor the Asiatic black bear hibernate, but roam the forest all year round.

Don’t be fooled by the sun bear’s small size or teddy bear cuteness.

If you should encounter one of these, back off, they are the best climbers of all bear species so don’t even think about going up a tree for safety.