Long Tailed Macaque

Khao SokLong-tailed macaques (Macaca fascicularis) are widespread throughout the islands of Southeast Asia into mainland Asia. They are found in the Philippines, in mainland Malaysia and on Borneo, in Indonesia on Sumatra, Java, Timor, and the Lesser Sunda Islands, in Burma, in India on the Nicobar Islands, and in Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos and Thailand

Long-tailed macaques live in primary, secondary, coastal, mangrove, swamp, and river in e forests from sea level up to elevations of 2000 m They prefer forested areas near water and are found in higher densities near riverbanks, lakeshores, or along the seacoast They preferentially utilize secondary forest, especially if it borders human settlement, where they have access to gardens and farms to crop-raid
Long-tailed macaques sleep in trees along the river and are particular about choosing their roosting sites. Each group sleeps in its own tree and individuals huddle together when they sleep to maintain body temperature. They sleep toward the edge of the branches near the top or crown of the tree and preferentially choose branches that overhang the river.
Long-tailed macaques are excellent swimmers, and this may be a predator avoidance technique: if they are threatened, they simply can escape by dropping to the water and swimming to safety