Chiew Larn Lake

khao sokWhile the construction of Rachabpapah Dam in 1982 by the Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand (EGAT) was un unmitigated disaster for the park’s wildlife, it created a vast lake, the chiew Larn lake,that is the premier showpiece of Khao SokNational park. Huge limestone outcrops, known as karsts, rise here directly from the lake at the edge of elevation up to 960 meters-more than three times the height of karsts in world famous Halong Bay or Pang-Nga bay. This stunning landscape is still one of Thailand best kept secrets. Phang –Nga bay for instance, gets more visitors in a single week than Chiew larn receives in an entire year. The Rachabrapah Dam is located 65 km from the park headquarters on a well marked spur road from highway 401, provides the only road access to the lake. A security card is necessary to enter the EGAT generating site. From here boats can be rented from either the National park substation 2 or from local fisherman to tour the lake. Canoes and kayaks are becoming more and more popular ways to vie this magnificent setting, though there are few currently available to rent. One could spend weeks in this 165 square km lake exploring its many long arms, hidden coves, creeks and grottos. The park maintains floating lodges on the lake for overnight visitor use. The vertical nature of much coast line precludes camping in most areas. and fires in this areas are always of concern. Wildlife most frequently seen along the shores are: gibbons, langures, macaques, osprey, eagles and several species of hornbills